Sahar Nika

As a child, her work of art and poems caused crowds to glance a second time but not because they were delighted- more overwhelmed!

How would you respond if your six-year-old daughter showed her drawing of a big eyed girl clutching a bloodstained knife, overhead a demon embracing? Or write tales about monsters? Take her to a psychoanalyst? That’s precisely what happened to her!

Sahar Nika’s erotic literature and drawings shaped her into the unique individual she is now and later studied psychology to prove to all that there’s nothing wrong with her and everyone is somehow crazy!

She has a BA in graphic design from Iran. Art high-school was enjoyable, and most teachers loved her work, but university was a different story. Her work caused dangerous problems, that’s why quitting was the best decision ever, but in the interim from high-school until after university; she won many awards and repeatedly sold out her art at the exhibitions once again pointing out; some individuals seem to like the way her imagination works.

Her father, a famous jeweler and prestigious man shaped her into the strong and successful woman she aspired to be, and soaked in the business of jewelry from design to gemology. She learned patience from her mother, a virtue she is still working on. Patience and how to cook from her mom is a continuous battle and believes she’s terrible at both!

“Art is to create what you see and feel, some draw flowers and butterflies and some like me draw blood and obscure images. It’s all about how you want to express yourself, that’s why it’s called art- not doing what others want you to!” Sahar Nika

As a psychologist, the first sentence she advises her patients is “be yourself or you won’t be happy.” That’s why her patients are comfortable opening to her, expressing their darkest secrets, and because she understands, she can help them.

“I want to wipe the image of the cliche that tattooed, pierced and the black sheep of the world have to be in specific places, and the Freuds – Mother Theresas of the universe somewhere else!”

Sahar continued; “Because the way I look- tattoos and all- they’d tell me I wouldn’t be a notable therapist.” But look at her now!

“I’m ok with others hating me, it doesn’t affect my life, and I’m more than great with people who do. In the end of the day I’m proud that I can support my patients. I write and draw for myself, if others don’t like it, then glance the opposite direction, if I have one fan then you’re in my circle and considered my family.”

So, welcome to the fun, eccentric and sensual realm of Sahar Nika