3 Months In Gold Coast, Australia


Spending 3 months on the Gold Coast was more than perfect! I had such a great time, what’s there not to love? The beautiful ocean, the down-to-earth people, the serene nature and all the animals that I got to hold and touch!

I couldn’t help but speculate if the long flight, and skipping the charming cities of Sydney and Melbourne to fly straight to the Gold Coast in Queensland, would be worth it. But the answer turned out to be a resounding yes.

As a Cali-Persian, I knew nothing about the Gold Coast except that it had a desirable name. Turns out it’s the No. 1 vacation destination for gorgeous, gregarious Aussies.

And now I can see why.

Deciding to go to Gold Coast was a spur of a moment task for me- like most decisions I make 😋 and the flight was long!

So if you’re traveling more than 18 plus hours try flying business or first!Luckily the way back my seats were empty, so I had a great sleep because I can’t sleep on planes (spoiled girl problems 🙄😋)

First I went to Sydney then a couple more hours on the plane I arrived at the beautiful, sunny, Gold Coast (Coolangatta airport) It was winter back home- suddenly it’s summer my favorite season so it’s a great place if you want to run away from the cold 👯 (Opposite seasons)

There’s so much to do and so much to see it all depends on what you’re into.

You have the option to stay at a resort or hotels, but in my opinion I loved staying at resorts because it felt like you’re renting a furnished apartment. The first place I stayed was Artique ResortI truly loved it, then it was Reflections By The Seawhich I loved it so much I bought an apartment – again a spur of a moment decision when I got my hands on money, I was so Gold Coast struck that I couldn’t think clearly so in January I gotta go back or give it to my lawyer to handle it… if I live anywhere it has to be California. That’s my hometown & my first love💕

Solaire Apartments was also a great apartment near Surfers Paradise.


If you’re a smoker check to see if smoking is allowed on the balconies because some places you can’t 😉


Then there are the hotels that feel like resorts like  Peppers Soul or the Hilton then I stayed at Watermark Hotel and Spawhich I didn’t really enjoy- it was good & the staff were nice yet when you spend almost 3 months in apartments; tiny hotel rooms make you feel suffocated or the feeling you have to be outside 24/7

I spent the last days at Palazzo Versace the world’s second fashion hotel after Dubai, next to the yacht-filled harbor and the Marina Mirage shopping center where I did my nails at Neonails (I give it a 5 out of 10)


Versace is beautiful…

but I can’t see Gold Coast being “luxurious” you’re wearing flip flops and want to relax at the beach. I don’t know how to describe it… it’s like when you go to Monte Carlo you expect luxury, but you don’t feel that on the Gold Coast. Most people say that the staff at Versace are rude, but in my case they were very friendly and polite, but the coffee was awful.



Amusement parks are fun too but if you’re going to compare it to America don’t go! Of course America is better, but I loved how in Sea World they actually cared about Animals (it’s crazy how Aussies love their animals!) as I saw it, they don’t profit from the money but spend it to really help the ocean life.

And do get city passes (anywhere you travel) it’s a great way to get in for free or cheaper any time you want to go.


But the Gold Coast’s real allure lies in its pristine tropical rainforest, where bright crimson rosella birds fly and alien-like booyang trees grow (rumor has it that a visit here inspired James Cameron to create the lush world of Pandora in Avatar).


The food is great too,

you can find everything even American products and to my surprise there was a Persian super market!

And of course I was there for the Persian New Years so I had to go to Rumi restaurant for the entertainment and yummy Persian food! If you want great hotdogs, go to Shiraz Moderna for sure! My Iranian peeps have it going on the Gold Coast!


You also must go to the casino (the star) I’m not a gambler but these Aussies love their slot machines I got addicted 😂


I’m a tattoo addict so of course I got a tattoo at Squires Tattoo on Surfers Paradise beside Bikini baristas a must go! This guy is great, it’s an unfinished tattoo so when I go next time (January) I’ll finish it😈💕


And if you’re down there, you must visit Brisbane & the museum!


Dracula’s Cabaret is a must go!! It’s beyond awesome & im a horror nerd so the attractions were amazing!

All in all I had a great time and will go again, but next time I’m going to spend time in Sydney and Melbourne also.

At first I really wanted to live there, but logically thinking about it I can’t see myself anywhere but California and home, but I’ll always visit and when we can travel why not?!

If you have any other questions please ask, I haven’t written all my experiences of my 3 months but I will answer any questions you’ve got or you can always email me 😉


Love life and travel as much as you can! 💕💋




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