Thoughts Of The Day

To my friends: I’m not your therapist

To my patients: I’m not your friend

I won’t ever dictate on how to lead a patient’s life, only guide them and get to the root of the problem fast. I’m going to be ruthless until we solve the problems, but as a friend you get a totally different person. I’ll still be your shoulder to cry on but I’ll also slap you in the face and drag you to a club to snap out of it and have fun!!

Life can be great if you allow it! You can find happiness and live to your full potential only if you control it. Can’t you understand everything is in your control?

I see people go through pain and suffering just because of a feeling that will pass- or should I say CAN pass if you let the light in.

Yes, life has its ups and downs, it’s a roller coaster, but there’s ALWAYS a rainbow after a storm!
I understand there are so many problems and people have major depressions and other issues, I also know that it can all be dealt with if you have the proper techniques to achieve what you want.

To the lovely best friends (even you Firefly) that are reading this now and going through a tough time, and can’t get out of bed just because of a break up. It’s not the end of the world! I can forget someone with a snap of my finger and only allow sadness for maximum of 3 days then it’s over and I’m back to my happy-self in no time. Why would anyone like to be in a toxic relationship? The trash took itself out and you will find better! I promise you that lovesπŸ’•

Anyone can achieve happiness, most just don’t have the tools or power, so therapy comes in hand and some want sadness and carry them like a security blanket around them because of other psychological problems, but that’s for another topic and another day.

Set goals, travel, meet new people, be compassionate and love freely, set your fears aside, play games, read a book… DO WHAT YOU WANT THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!!

I swear life is so much more beautiful than you can imagine!




26 thoughts on “Thoughts Of The Day

  1. I guess you have to spell it out sometimes. Take care and best wishes for this waning moon. Pretty appropriate stance to take at this phase of the moon x

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      1. Sometimes the negatives are positives… mathematically speaking. Math and philosophy do support each other. If we look to the source of the theory… ie Aristotle… and Plato prior to him. A negative plus a negative…
        Our world of PC does not work and we have been warned in each age. And the truth shall set us free πŸ˜„πŸ˜‡

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      2. Likewise. Thanks for the compliment. I know what you mean though about the glass being half full mentality. Good to get a reminder.
        I could do with a holiday πŸ’š

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      3. Might be a while… plenty to do in the underdark. πŸ€”πŸ€§
        Plenty of psychology to read… probably something we could talk shop on…

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      4. Ha. Yeah I don’t read much these days. First got interested though in the early 90’s as I was dropping out of high school

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      5. Perfect. Happy you continued. Btw/ I don’t know if I’m talking to a male or female. If you like you can email me or add me on insta or fb πŸ˜‰


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