Horror Movies Might Save Your Life!

I’m a horror nerd, everyone knows that- I’ve seen every horror film, series, games… you name it! Even black & white oldies- no I’m not old! Just invested!!

And what have I learned? To stay fuckin alive!!

When I hear people that don’t like horror movies, I try not to judge, it’s ok you like chick-flicks or art/noir movies… it’s still good! But then I hear “I got into a strangers car!” Or “We went out to a discrete club with the locals!”

Um… Hello? Hasn’t anyone seen Hostel?

Fine, allow strangers in your car, go to an abandoned asylum, jump into a sketchy cage to see sharks! Accept rides or even better yet; a place to stay -from total strangers! I mean, the world as I say can be a beautiful place! There is happiness and rainbows! But there’s also reality!!! As a criminal psychologist I should know!!! Ok I’m calm (hair flip) …

So, thank you horror movies that got me out of trouble or death! If I didn’t sneak into the movie room while my dad was watching a horror movie when I was 3 years old, hiding behind the couch, so mesmerized with the world of horror (No! Don’t try this with any kid!!) I wouldn’t be who I am today!

Maybe that’s why no horror/thriller movie can wow me nowadays.

It’s not easy writing horror either, I’m trying even though I’m more of a psychological thriller writer, I would love if a movie or book could mesmerize me again, when it did back then.

Let’s see what this year brings, lots of remakes of my favorites and new ones, excited πŸ‘―

P.S Watch horror movies, it might save your life!!



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