PS4 Pro VR is Beyond Amazing!

Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m an adrenaline junkie that LOVES everything that’s related to horror, roller coasters, fast cars and anything that keeps my heart racing, but Resident Evil : Biohazard on VR is something else!!

It’s normal to get motion sickness the first times on VR. Your body will be in shock- nothing major, but it’s a new world. Sensors to your brain indicates what you’re seeing, but in reality your sitting down so as you walk in VR, have a 360 view plus add stress that a zombie will jump at you any second will make your anxiety levels hit the roof! In a good way!

So, I give PS4 Pro VR a 10/10. Worth the money and if you’re not into horror you can purchase any game you want. Submerging under the ocean, flying in the sky, out in space, racing cars, or just any kind of virtual fun you want it’s there… still waiting for porn! :))

Here I am playing RE7 for the first time. It just felt real, you’re in the game.



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