Online Relationships and the 5 tips.

Online relationships can work!

I’ve always despised the online dating apps because I used to tell myself girls like me don’t need it, but in all honesty online relationships aren’t that bad and it can be real only if we set realistic goals.

I’ve met great people online, let’s face it—fortunately or unfortunately our lives depend on the internet nowadays from your work, fun, life—even dating!

Plus, it’s an excellent way to weed out any un-potential dates.     You can be wearing your onesie, eating ice-cream from the tub and watching TV all while chatting from your phone. Don’t like that person? Be sincere and on to the next. (Do not ignore! That’s for weak people! Tell them you aren’t a match.)

When you do find the right person, then the next step is meeting them. I’m lucky I can do background checks on people, but for most, be extremely wise! Lots of sociopaths out there.

Then when you meet and you know they’re the one, the only next step is communicating about who moves where and what you want for the future, otherwise it won’t work. You can’t have an online relationship forever. I usually give it a year, but you have to see what works.

In reality being away from someone is truly complicated. I need sex and passion, but I can stay faithful. Most can’t. Lying can be very easy because the proof you get can be pre-planned, but just like dating local ANYTHING can happen.

Will I do it again? Sure! It’s fun and if they live in a place you haven’t been to, I advise you to go! If it doesn’t work out, you can always say you traveled to another country and you had a wonderful time! Traveling is my favorite hobby!

The dos and don’ts

1. Do be honest. I’m the advocate of honesty. Tell them what you’re looking for in a relationship. Do you want a one night stand or marriage? Tell them! Don’t lie because the truth always comes out. Don’t open up and reveal all your secrets, just say it as it is.
2. Do not rely on photographs. Always do video chats. If they say they don’t have a camera move on. We can’t rely on pictures. It’s not about looks, it’s about claiming to be something they aren’t.
3. Do tell family and friends where you’re going to meet and give them precise addresses and numbers. If you have a mother like mine, she’ll want all his addresses, numbers and drivers license! Been there- done that!!
4. Do trust your gut feelings. If you feel something is off, then it is.
5. Don’t be like me, and give people chances! I like it when I can talk to someone for hours; the conversation flows without force; it feels like you’ve known that person forever, but if I don’t get that connection with someone I don’t give them another. chance, but you should! Who knows what’ll happen.

In reality life is to be enjoyed, maybe you’ll find a match, maybe it won’t work out and find a great friend out of it or maybe they’ll break your heart. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or not life is life. We take advantage of everything and learn.

Life is to be lived, to enjoy, to be in the moment. I agree it can be tough at times but that’s why strong individuals come out on top! Never regret, learn and grow. So much happiness out there! You’re going to have heartbreaks regardless if you try it online or not, you will also find love. But always remember YOU come first and you should love yourself more.

That’s all for today. Love you all.


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