PS4 Pro Vr – My New Found Love!

There’s this game called Life Is Strange; it’s an episodic graphic adventure video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. It is available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and consists of five episodes released periodically throughout 2015.

I’m a gamer girl and faithful to my Xbox 1, after playing Life Is Strange 2 times – no I’m lying, I think this is my fourth time in these past two years. What?! Because I want to try every outcome!! That’s just me, plus the game is beyond awesome! It’s for men and woman, if you haven’t played – get it! The sequel is coming out in August, Beyond excited!
You can buy it online, so worth it. It’s about chaos theory (butterfly effect) and you make your own choices and it has consequences. I love games like that–so anyways; it made me search for other games similar to this and I found another game; Until Dawn but it’s only on PS (sad music playing in background)

Being faithful to Xbox I said no, but my best friend took me to a game shop today and showed me PS4 Pro VR. He’s right… We need both of them in our lives!

I played Resident Evil and Daaaaaaaaamn! I’m sold! The graphics! The images! Best VR ever!

Yes, it’s very expensive (because I bought the complete package with games) I spent something like my last vacation (my best friend who’s also my roommate chipped in as well)   but just like my vacay – this is worth every penny! Anything to make me happy is worth it! (Spoiled much?!)

So, as of this moment, I’m the owner of a PS4 Pro VR and I promised myself I won’t touch it until after my exams.
And waiting for other games that I ordered to come to my door. I must study and not look at this handsome tech in front of me.

It’s calling out my name.
“Hey Sahar. You know you wanna touch me!”
“Stop! I’m vulnerable!”
“Hey now… Shh… I can make all the pain go away.”
“I need straight As on my exams!”
“Shh… it’s all good. You know you want me.”
“Fuck how am I gonna resist? Stop taunting me!”
“Bitch you know you need me!”
“Ugh fine just one touch…”

Help me!



4 thoughts on “PS4 Pro Vr – My New Found Love!

      1. you can actually get them….theres a brothel in spain using them. big thing in japan apparently …..really expensive though

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