Dating Is Like Landing A Job!

Isn’t dating like a business nowadays?

First of all, I’ve always and I mean ALWAYS jumped into a new relationship right after one ended, I did it again this time as well and told myself no- this time do it the right way!

I’m happiest when in a relationship and not into one night stands, but giving this serial dating a try, also I’m way past my wild teen years, that’s why I perceive dating more like a job now.

Most psychologists know we are the worst therapists for our own selves, but this time I actually listened to my own advice and I’m taking things slow. Go me!

I always said there’s plenty of fish in the sea, and yes there are billions for me, but it’s like I’m getting all these creatures from the deep and no one till now has really made me feel a connection. You have to wow a woman!

I know dating is an important factor in starting a relationship but I mostly met my men through building a friendship first and then it flourished into love.
But damn, now it feels like a business and I’m studying their resumes!

Most girls know when they say they’re single after a while, the fish will be throwing themselves at you, and the ones that did try to contact you when you were in a relationship, delete them on the spot. No time for that!

So let me say how it is been so far.

What’s the best way to land a job? Dress for success. Check.       These are typically the same patterns I get and I’m not saying it’s wrong or anything.

   Business suit/ designer outfits: I’m acting rich and manly. See I’m a gentleman and take dates seriously. Look at me I dress well!
   T-shirts and jeans: I’m laid back and don’t care. This is what you get. I’m cool.
   What they wore the night before: I gave up on life, please save me.
   Crocs and pjs: Bye boy! (No I haven’t gotten any of that… yet!)

 Talk about what you want to achieve in the time you’ll work for this business. (You might quit or get fired!)

So, I’m always honest and up front with everyone the first day hoping to not get stuck in their games. I tell them what they need to know. I will not have sex until I’m in love and I’m rich, but I’m not paying for a thing, and for you non-Americans; no you can’t use me for my American passport. I’m also not a gold digger because I have my own money, but I want a man that can spend without feeling he can’t. I’m 100% faithful when I’m in a committed relationship and honest… And so forth.

Most claim they’re the one (Another statement to beware from. You can’t promise you’re the one, only show in time.)

Hours and hours of non stop talking on their part about why they think they’re the best match for me, and when you ask them a question they give you a rehearsed answer.
Just like a job. Can you really operate on a heart when you’re just a driver? But go on I’m listening. No actually I’m not – sometimes I get bored and don’t listen. Last conversation was on the phone and I was playing on my Xbox and didn’t hear half of his words.

Don’t feel bad for them. I’m not a player. I just know they’re full of lies. I told them straight up what I’m looking for, so that’s my part done well, I have no time to play games.

When you’re just not anyone, and you have a proper reputation, job and name; you won’t date nonchalantly.

Things not to do or say when dating a woman like myself.

 Don’t impress us with your money. I’m not money hungry, and I’ve already been to the best restaurants. You can take me out to a pizza place (to dos!) just tell me you want to take care of your future gf (emphasis on future! I’m not yours now!) any way possible. Don’t lie because if you ask “So… um… Is is this food on me?” Automatically gets you out of the job!

 Don’t tell us we’re the only females you talk to. Come on! Seriously?

 Don’t say you love us the first day when it’s not true. Again women are intelligent. Recite this mantra over and over again. We might not say it, but we know.

 Don’t assume because I have tattoos I’m a Goth or “metal” I listen to every kind of music except Persian. I’m just me, not into clicks.

 Don’t think just because I’m a psychologist I have a sixth sense! Yes I do psychoanalyze you, but you’re not my patient!

Do not send us dick-pics! Do some men really think we’ll look at your picture of your thing and fall in love with you, saying “Omg where was this dick all along in my life?” No!

 I am a horror nerd but don’t act like you like it too. I’ll be asking questions. If you do genuinely love horror like me… there might be a second date.

 Be yourself and if you can make me laugh that’s a real turn on! I’m sure that’s for all women, but again be yourself! We don’t want clowns either

I’m really mean and quiet when I talk to someone when giving them a chance. People might see it as stuck up, but I’m just not easy. That’s all. So leave your resume on top of all the rest and I might call you if you land the job. Good luck.

When I meet the one I’ll know. It’s a spark—a connection. That’s when you can see the real me, which most won’t. Really fun and spontaneous, can also be lazy and love to watch movies (horror please), most have said I resemble Harley Quinn and no – I’m not really psycho, but can act like it!! When I fall in love it’s hard and full of passion, I’ll always be there for my man in all the ups and downs… I have so much to give to the right one, plus I’m great in bed! Hello?! I seriously hope no one will read this now! Why did I agree to write about this?!

For now I’m happy I decided to wait and not fall in love with my rebounds. Let’s see where this takes us! It’s been fun and full of laughs (on my part!)

Love your life and live!


10 thoughts on “Dating Is Like Landing A Job!

  1. This is so true! I feel like the first date is the interview and I have to make a first impression. I feel at times I’m a little overly smiley and laugh at any attempt at a joke he may have. Ugh. I hate first dates. I feel like after a second date both parties end up loosening up.

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    1. :)) first dates are awkward yet it can be great too! I believe in the spark. It’s like chemistry. If I find he can turn that spark into a flame I’ll give him another date. But girl just be yourself! The right man will come along! I’m a believer 😉💕

      Liked by 1 person

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